How to use electronic and hard copy template

Dialogue box

A dialogue box will open when using the letterhead template. This is where basic information on the office, address and date details can be entered.

Font styles

Only use the font style provided in the menu.

BVN menu

There is a BVN menu located on the right-hand side of the menu bar.

Change letterhead fields

This button opens the dialogue box for editing the address, date, office etc.

Refresh all fields

This button refreshes all fields filled in the dialogue box.

Toggle print graphics

This button hides the BVN header and footer. Use this when printing on pre-printed letterhead stock.

Apply BVN table format

Use this button to apply the BVN table style.


Operating the ‘print’ command will open a dialogue box including instructions for using pre-printed letterhead stock. When using pre-printed stock you need to hide BVN graphics (toggle print graphics) and print on one side only.

Pre-printed letterheads incorporate the BVN mark and relevant address with 5 different graphic backgrounds.

Letterhead sample

255 PITT STREET / SYDNEY 2000 AUSTRALIA / T +61 2 8297 7200 / BVN.COM.AU John Doe Position Company 00 Street NameSydney NSW 0000Australia 1 SEP 2014 1/1 Dear John , HEADING 1Body text HEADING 3Body text HEADING 2Body text Yours sincerely, John DoeNational Director BVN ARCHITECTURE PTY LTD / ABN 46 010 724 339 / ACN 010 724 339 NSW ARCHITECTS REGISTRATION BOARD / NOMINATED ARCHITECT 6501 ABBIE GALVIN P:\OH\OH14XXXX.bvn\Graphics\150702_BVN_letterhead_template_example_v00.docx