B Series floor plans 1:100

  • Assign unique identification number to feature stair

Describe Construction and finishes

A Series legend sheet

  • Key to codes - e.g. nosings, tactile indicators, handrails etc.; reference to specification sections
AM-07Accessible WC Grab rails Metalwork 05-800AM-23Coathook Metalwork 05-800 AM-09Curtain Track Window Coverings06-200AM-24Hook: Equipment Metalwork 05-800 AM-11Metal shelving Metalwork 05-800AM-25Hook: Catheter Bag Metalwork 05-800 AM-12Folding shower seat Metalwork 05-800AM-26Hook: IV Flask Metalwork 05-800 AM-13Horizontal Wall Mounted Baby Change Table Metalwork 05-800AM-27Utility Wall shelf Metalwork 05-800 AM-14Vertical Wall Mounted Baby Change Table. Metalwork 05-800AM-28Rack - Pan & Bottle Metalwork 05-800 . . . . Balustrades/ Handrails . . Balustrades/ Handrails . . HR-01Timber Handrail Metalwork 05-800TRM-02Integrated stainless steel nosing Metalwork 05-800 HR-02Integrated crashrail and handrail Metalwork 05-800TRM-03Tactile ground surface indicators Metalwork 05-800 . . Blockwork . . Blockwork . . BLK-01Face Block work - 190mm Block work 03-650BLK-01Face Block work - 190mm Block work 03-650 BLK-02Face Block work - 290mm Block work 03-650BLK-02Face Block work - 290mm Block work 03-650 BLK-03Block Work Block work 03-650BLK-03Block Work Block work 03-650 BLK-04Common Block work - 140mm Block work 03-650BLK-04Common Block work - 140mm Block work 03-650

B Series floor plans 1:100

  • Reference to 1:20 enlarged plan in H series

H Series stairs plans 1:20

  • Describe using systems, materials and finishes codes